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First Aid Volunteer

first aid volunteer

First aid volunteering

Would you like to be someone people could depend on in an emergency? First Aid China can equip you with the skills to offer practical – even life-saving – help wherever it is needed.

How would I be helping people?

You would be prepared to cope with emergencies at work and in the home. As a first aid volunteer, you could help your community by:

delivering first aid training courses providing support at accidents and major incidents providing first aid cover at public events like concerts and football games.

What skills and training do I need?

You do not need any previous first aid skills. We will train you in first aid and give you the support you need to do this role.

How much time do I need to give?

You and your volunteering manager will discuss how much time you are able to give. Since our volunteering opportunities depend on local needs, some areas may need volunteers more regularly or for longer hours than others. If one of our services requires more time than you are able to give, we may have other volunteering opportunities that fit your schedule.

Why are volunteers needed?

Without volunteers we would never be able to give people the help they need in a crisis. Because we offer so many services across the China, we depend on people who generously give up their time to help others.

How do I apply?

You can search and apply online for first aid volunteering opportunities. You can also talk to a service manager about current opportunities near you.