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AED Leasing Programs

Introduction of Automated External Defibrillators, AED Leasing Programs in Shanghai, China.


Suppose you already made the decision to take the advice of the American Heart Association, the Red Cross or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to apply an automated external defibrillator program and you already know that the AED program need to be accessible and available for use within 3 to 5 minutes throughout your facility and that they need to be monitored and maintained so they are ready for use if ever needed. Now the question is, How do you assure that you have enough AEDs, that they are properly maintained, that there are persons available who are adequately trained to use them and that your company is compliant with national laws regarding AED use?, then adding AED Leasing Programs to your company’s safety program is a great choice.

So far AED can be an expensive upfront investment beyond your budget realities, not to mention their never-ending maintenance costs such as battery and pads replacements, etc. And then what about the AED Management Process and Certification Training you need to ensure your AED program starts and stays ready?

The solution is actually pretty simple, which is to choose Firstaidchina.com AED Leasing Programs to take the worry off your plate with our decades’ experience providing industry leading pre-hospital AED Best Practice Services to companies, campuses, and communities. At Firstaidchina.com, we’re budget friendly and make it easy for you to begin protecting lives today. From AED Leasing to devices maintenance, The Firstaidchina.com Leasing AED Leasing Program will potentially saving your staff’s live and eliminate your company’s budget constraints at the same time. The Firstaidchina.com AED Leasing Program enables customers to lease one or more of our remarkable life saving device with following high quality service’s functions:

  • All AED Equipment & Accessories Provided
  • AED Maintenance, Parts, and Replacements Included
  • Dedicated account manager
  • AED networking membership
  • Post Usage Replacement
  • Relevant authorization required prescription and oversight
  • Post-Usage clinical support, e.g. ECG data reporting
  • Third party liability insurance (optional)
  • Nationally recognized American Heart Association First aid training (optional)
  • AED Mapping system registry service
  • EMS liaison and registration for AED compliance, if applicable.

Our goal is to build a long-lasting relationship with you and our services are built around the fundamental knowledge with the mission is protecting lives at each client location daily. We consult, implement and maintain our client's pre-hospital life saving system as if the life of one of our loved ones depends on it, because someday it just might. 

Contact us at +86 21 51082260 or email: info @ firstaidchina.com to learn more about AED management services and what our team can do for you.